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Frequently Asked Questions

Please be advised that Lil Girls' Glam Party Bus does not transport, services are rendered on the bus at location of your choice.

In a case of mechanical issue with bus:

•  Services can be rendered inside the location or
•  Deposit can be returned in full or
•  Date can be changed

How should I prepare?

Remove all nail polish prior to arrival.

Print, sign, waiver & liability form

We ask that all restroom and meal breaks be completed prior to or after services have been rendered.

Can a child younger than 4 yrs old be serviced?


Will the bus come if it rains/snows?

Yes. As long as there is not a weather advisory warning or street closures. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule if weather conditions are bad

Can children eat on the bus?

We do allow snacks to be eaten on the bus, however for drinks we ask that drinks to be in juice pouches

Is the birthday girl included in party package?

Yes, so it will be birthday girl and 7 of her friends to make 8

Can we rendered services for more than 8 girls?

Yes we can up service up to 12 girls, however there will be an additional fee (Ask for details)

When do girls dress-up?

Girls will dress-up in novelties for a Glam Runway Show after services have been rendered.

Do children require parental supervision or chaperon?

No. Parent's can relax and entertain guests, we will handle the rest!

To make the Glam experience more fun girls can dress according to theme!

** Each party will have two party hostess depending on package and number of girls attending.